2000 handcrafted Mutant Huas!
5 artistic collabs:



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From Chihuahua Gang creators 2000 handcrafted Mutant Huas! Solid roadmap, 500/2000 free claim for Chihuahua Gang holders.
High quality, doxxed team, many benefits for holders and community wallet.
Events and parties for holders on World Wide Webb
(apartment already in the communitary wallet) AIRDROPS/FREE CLAIM on all the next drops and collabs.
MERCHANDISING Priority on merch.
COMMERCIAL RIGHTS: Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the holders over their NFT.




Why our mint will happen directly on Opensea?

We always did in this way.


Handcrafted works can't be minted on a website.


To avoid gas wars and bots. All have the same chances.


Year 2050, A nuclear power plant
was destroyed during the largest drone world war. All the workers died and the nearest towns were quickly evacuated to avoid radiation contamination. Only the Chihuahua Gang community didn't want to leave that area and no one was so brave to try to convince them. They were affected by radiation but they are even stronger than before.

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